COVID-19 Updates

January 13, 2021: Ontario has declared a second provincial emergency as a result of high COVID-19 transmission rates. While the province enters another period of lockdown, we are still committed to providing our patients with continuity of care. Dentistry is deemed an essential service so we remain open for all routine and emergency and dental services. We continue to follow all the extra precautions that we have implented all these months. If you have a dental need, please call our office to make an appointment. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021.

October 1, 2020: While we are continuing to see patients for routine and emergency dental care, we are continuing to monitor the COVID19 situation in our province and city.  We are following the guidelines and precautions outlined by our dental governing body, the RCDSO, and the Ontario Dental Association.  Please refer to our COVID19 page to see what we are implementing and some changes to patient arrival protocols. These changes may be cumbersome, but are meant to safeguard everyone’s well-being so that all of our patients and staff feel safe once they enter our clinic. Thank you to all of our patients for being patient during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone!

Welcome to Markham Kennedy Dental Care

At Markham Kennedy Dental Care, we believe that a dental practice should not be intimidating and scary.  It should be inviting and comfortable where patients feel at ease and welcomed.  It’s not easy to assuage the fear of allowing someone to look inside your mouth and perform treatments, so that’s why Dr. Jenna Chen strives to provide individualized and personal care that is both gentle and effective. With us, your oral health needs are treated with gentle care and the highest of dental standards. We hope to play a role in helping you restore confidence in your natural and healthy smile!

Are you interested in visiting our clinic? Call to make an appointment today! 647-848-9717